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Men's Bible Study - CFalls

febMen's Bible Study - CFalls

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Men of Canvas, join us for our Winter Men’s Bible Study, Becoming Man by IV Marsh. Every man, regardless of his family of origin, baggage or education, is destined to be a Prophet, Priest, King and Warrior in the earth—and that includes you. When you understand, know and fully believe in this—in who God created you to be—the living and doing of it will take care of itself. It will be an outflow of your life. Take a journey where you will discover who you are created to be in the earth—where you will discover your true identity and develop the prophet, priest, king, and warrior inside. The truths and concepts in this. study are not just words on a page or a philosophy to be agreed with, but they are life-altering principles for you to put into practice to unleash the prophet, priest, king and warrior within you.

Join us on Tuesday nights from 6:00-8:00p! Click “Sign Up” to get registered!



Month Long Event (February)(GMT-06:00)

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