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Here at Canvas CFalls Kids, we love to create opportunities for kids to experience God in a life-changing way! We do that through Biblical teaching, engaging in worship, connecting with friends and leaders, intentional small groups, and partnering with parents! From newborns through 5th grade, we have a gathering perfect for everyone in your family.

Our Canvas CFalls Kids Team is looking forward to meeting you and getting to know you and your family.


From Newborn – Crawling to Walking – 2 years old, we have created spaces where children feel loved and are free to flex their independence or enjoy all the snuggles and prayers. We have diapers and snacks for your little ones if you ever forget.

In our 3 – 5 years old classroom, children enjoy age-specific learning! Here we learn the basics of who God is, how much he loves us, and how to be His friend forever! We love filling the gathering time with playtime activities, worship, Bible videos, snacks, and fun crafts!

In our Elementary Room, Kindergarteners through 2nd graders gather for games, worship, and Bible messages with small group activities!

We also have a PreTeen space for students in 3rd –  5th Grade. Here, we focus on building connections with peers and leaders while breaking down the Bible’s message and discussing how it applies to our lives!

These gatherings are an excellent opportunity to prepare our preteens to transition into YTH once they head into 6th grade!


We are so excited to have you come to visit us here at Canvas CFalls Kids. Here is some information to help your first visit be smooth and fun. First, know that your child’s safety is our number one priority.

When you first visit Canvas CFalls Kids, we will need you to bring the following information.

  • Parent/Guardian name(s)
  • Address
  • Mobile phone number (to receive text notifications)
  • Child’s name
  • Child’s date of birth
  • Any other information you would like us to know (i.e., allergies, special needs, etc.)


This information is kept in your family’s profile to ensure a secure check-in process.

You will receive temporary security tags, and a CFalls Kids Team Member will show you to the appropriate kids’ areas to help you get your child dropped off in their classrooms and answer any questions you have.

Your child’s safety is our number one priority.


Checked-in begins 15 minutes before the start of each gathering. 

At one of our self-check-in stations, simply enter your telephone number, select your child’s name, gathering and contact information. A randomly generated alpha-numeric code for your family will be provided and printed on each child’s name tag and the guardian tag. Two name tags for each child checked in, and one guardian tag will be provided. Children must wear one name tag with the other given to the CFalls Kids Team Member in the classroom. At check-out, the guardian tag must be presented to the Canvas CFalls Kids Team Members upon pick-up. This process ensures that only authorized individuals can pick up children from our kids areas.


Each of our Canvas CFalls Kids Team Members have a completed background check on file. Individuals who have not completed our background check process will not be permitted to enter our Canvas CFalls Kids’ classrooms.


If your child has an allergy or dietary restriction, please ask one of our Canvas CFalls Kids Team Members for one of our allergy stickers. Allergies can also be noted in your family’s profile to be printed on the child’s name tags during check-in.


To ensure the health of all the children in our care, we cannot accept sick children into our kids areas. Our policy regarding illness follows Montana state childcare guidelines. If you have questions regarding our guidelines, please ask a Canvas CFalls Kids Team Member.

Team Leads
parent resources

If you have any questions before attending, please feel free to reach out to our Canvas CFalls Kids Team:

Cherise Stampalia
Columbia Falls Kids Director 

The Parent Cue App

This free app is a great tool for parents to use weekly with their kids. It provides the week’s Bible video, monthly memory verse, and fun activities to do as a family. There are blogs and other resources available in the app! Google PlayApple Store

The Bible App for Kids

This app is fun and interactive, especially for younger kids! This free app will have your kids begging you to get out their Bible. Google PlayApple Store


We have so many incredible places for people to use their gifting. From praying over babies, teaching our Early Childhood children the basics of who God is, to active connection with K – 2nd graders, intentional engagement with our 3rd – 5th graders, or welcoming families as they arrive at Canvas CFalls… there is a place for you!

Thank you for your interest in joining the Canvas CFalls Kids Team! There is a place for everyone, and we can’t wait to serve and do life with you! Please take a moment to fill out the form below, and one of our Canvas CFalls Kids Team Members will get back to you shortly!


Are you looking for an opportunity to serve outside our normal gathering times? Join our Canvas Kids Event Team! We need you on our team to help plan activities and set up our kid’s environments for events, all while creating opportunities for kids to experience God in a life-changing way.


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