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Is this even a real college?

We love this question because we love our answer: YES! We are a partnership program with Northwest University. This program blends the best of what Northwest offers (accredited academics) with what Canvas Church does best (hands on ministry experience).

What is Northwest University?

Northwest University is a Christian University located in Kirkland, WA. NU was founded in 1934 and has more than 20 years experience in non-traditional education. Canvas Church has partnered with NU since 2017.

Can I transfer credits?

Yes! Because we are partnered with Northwest University, we accept transfer credits from other accredited institutions. And it works both ways: any courses you take through our program will also transfer to other public and private colleges or universities.

Will I have time for a job?

Yes! Our program is intentionally designed to allow students to work while they are earning their degrees. The majority of our students are paying their own way through school, without assistance from their families. At Canvas College, we understand that you can’t complete your education if you can’t keep a roof over your head. Our weekly schedule leaves blocks of time to work 20-30 hours per week if you choose Canvas College Experience – or a full-time job if you choose Canvas College Flex.

What does the weekly schedule look like?

In addition to classes, the Internship (Experience) or Practicum (Flex) component requires 8-12 hours a week in order to earn 3 FREE credits each semester.

Canvas College Flex students will design their own practicum schedule that fits your schedule, within the ministry of their choice.

Canvas College Experience students will follow the weekly schedule below.

Monday: Off

Tuesday: 9am – 12noon Leadership Training, Community Outreach and/or Small Groups (This will vary week to week, but will always be during this block of time)

Wednesdays: 10:30am – 12noon Chapel; 1pm – 8pm Internship Hours (varies by internship)

Thursdays: 9am – 3pm Live Classes (class times will vary by student and degree, but live classes will always be during this block of time.

Thursday Evenings: Monthly Community Nights (These are optional. We try to create intentional time for connection and fun through food, sports, board games, worship, etc.)

Friday: Off

Saturday and Sunday: Internship Hours (depending on each internship)

How much does it cost?

$10,352 without Canvas College Housing
$15,352 with Canvas College Housing

Master’s Degrees vary. Please see the specific degree for more information. 

Do you have housing?

Yes, Canvas Church has rental agreements through a local apartment complex that is less than 5 minutes from the church. Please contact us or fill out the Housing Application (deposit required) for more information.

Am I too old for this?

No! We have a full-time track for students between the ages of 18 through the upper 20s. For students who are 29 and up, heads of household or full time parents, we offer a Flex program.

What is Flex?

Our Flex program is designed for students who are already more established in life (career, family, etc.) and want to pursue a degree but cannot commit to the weekly internship schedule at Canvas. Our CSM Team will work closely with you to find ways for you to earn the 3 credits of internship each semester. Or you can forgo the internship option altogether. (This option will require you to take 8 more classes over the timeline of a 4-year degree.)

What will my diploma say?

Since 2017, Canvas College has graduated 50+ students with an AA or BA degree. The courses taken and degrees earned are the same courses and degrees students earn on the Kirkland campus. Your diploma simply says “Northwest University.” There are no asterisks on your degree or your transcript.