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MESSAGE:  Kickoff 2023

COMMUNICATOR: Pastor Kevin Geer

CHECKING IN: How was your week? What was one of the highlights? Share wins (things God did that moved his mission forward and you closer to Jesus). What did you put into practice from last week’s devotional & discussion? 


QUESTIONS TO CONSIDER AND DISCUSS: These questions work well individually or in a group. The goal is to encourage spiritual growth, enhance biblical community and live it in the world around you.  


  1. If you were to describe in one word what you enjoy most about the fall season, what word would you choose and why? 
  2. How do you define “adventure”? Is there a correlation between your definition and your Christian faith? Why or why not? 
  3. Read Philippians 2:3. Which one/s do you think you do well? There are four things we are to do or not do. Which one/s do you struggle with the most? Which one/s will you commit to implementing into your life moving forward? 
  4. When you hear the phrase, “arrows out” what comes to mind? Would you say you are more “arrows in” or “arrows out” focused? What does each look like to you?    
  5. Read Philippians 2:4-5. How can you be more focused on the interests of others? What could that look like?     
  6. Consider and talk about what you think it looks like: “You must have the same attitude that Christ Jesus had” Phil. 2:5. What changes would you have to make?
  7. Many people wonder what their purpose in life is. Read Matthew 28:19-20. Jesus lays it out in specific language. Discuss what you believe Jesus is saying, what it could look like in your life and or in your group. Do you think Jesus is making a suggestion, an option or is this a command? 
  8. Of the four 4X4 challenges, Invite one, serve four times, give four times, connect four times, which one do you believe you do well and which one will take special effort on your part to make it happen?


  1. TRUTH DEMANDS A RESPONSE! What is one action step you will take this week in response to our discussion or nudge from the Holy Spirit? Be specific. _______________________________________________________________


WANT TO GROW DEEPER? We have created some resources to help you grow. Check out and explore the Experience God page. Go to  canvas.church/experience-god or Experience God on the App. 



    • Prayer Question: “What’s going on in our lives that we can involve Jesus?”
    • Ask:  What was one praise and one challenge you experienced this week? Celebrate the praises and pray for the challenges. 
    • Ask if anyone has a need or knows of a need, you can also offer “unspoken” prayer requests. 
  • Pray for the person on your right, it can be out loud or in silence, if in silence nudge the person next to you letting them know you are done. 
  • Prayer Clusters: Groups of two or three (by gender) and share your week together. Pray together and for each other. Send them a text, or leave a message letting them know you have prayed for them this week. 
  • Have someone in your group keep an active list of the requests and the answers for both the updates and to celebrate the answers. 


Are you interested in the Bible and in helping Life Groups benefit from the weekend message? We have a team for you! Canvas members like you create these discussion guides each week. If you are interested in joining the team, please email rickz@canvas.church

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